Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Bruno Would Be Thankful For A Forever Home!

When we found Bruno on the streets of Northville, he showed signs of abandonment when he ran off from us and continued to be standoffish. That is, until the peanut butter cookie came out as a treat! From there, Bruno needed a bath to reveal his shiny white and brown coat.

The energetic Bruno is not only a great companion, he also boasts a strong heart. Bruno will bring a big stomach to the table too, because he loves to eat.

This non-aggressive pit bull will melt your heart with his big brown eyes and his friendliness. He is not bothered by other dogs nor humans, but if he’s out in the yard and someone approaches, he does seem to be territorial.

Vets estimated an age of 1-2. He weighs 55 pounds with a lot of muscle left to gain.

Bruno was recently neutered and is still in recovery. He has not shown signs of being house trained, so when he’s not around us or other dogs, we keep him crated. With treats, Bruno does know the sit command. Otherwise, he will need training since he knows how to leap near five feet if he needs to get something off a countertop or out of your hand.

When outside, he remains on a leash and will take a minute to adjust to conditions. He walks well on a leash when he doesn’t see anything. If there is a dog or a squirrel though, he will try to pull and can be powerful.

And he loves to fall asleep listening to soft jazz!

Our adoption fee is $200.00 (cash or credit card)

This sweetheart will be at the Livonia PetSmart on Saturdays from 11-3. Come up and meet this cutie!

If you would like to fill out an adoption application online, please visit