Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Sweet Little Sweeny!

Sweeny has the sweetest face and most tender brown eyes!

This poor guy lost both of his humans within two years of each other. He soon found himself in an animal shelter, until a WAG foster took him in. 

WAG's vet determined that Sweeney had luxating patellas on both of his knees. He had surgery to correct this on February 7th of this year. He also had his teeth cleaned, and is recovering great. We estimate that he could be ready for his forever home in early April.

Sweeny is just a small fella (13 lbs.) with the perfect combination of spunk and love. We think he is a Chihuahua/Beagle mix, and you would never guess that he is nine years old (Chihuahuas can live as long as 20 years). 

He walks very well on a leash, but sometimes frightens with sirens or loud cars. He is crate trained and will go in his crate when asked. 

His favorite spot is near you or on your lap. He can be shy at first but will come out of his shell quickly, especially when a squeaky toy is involved. 

He is dog selective and can be a bit bossy with other dogs. He would prefer to be your only lap dog. Young children can make Sweeney nervous, so a forever home with no children or age 12 or older would be best.
Our adoption fee is $250.00 (cash or credit card)

This sweetheart will be at the Livonia PetSmart on Saturdays from 11-3. Come up and meet this cutie!

If you would like to fill out an adoption application online, please visit