Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Help Duncan Find A Home!

This sweet dog is not a WAG dog. We are helping his family find a loving home for him.

Duncan is a male Australian Shepard/Boarder Collie Mix. He’s going to be 6 in November. 

He has a big personality and loves to sleep in weird positions. He is highly intelligent and has learned how to open some doors. He has a lot of energy and loves attention.

He has not been around kids, so we are unsure of how he is with children. He has also never been around cats. He is good with small dogs but does get intimidated by dogs his size and larger. 

Because Duncan was raised around small dogs, he doesn’t really understand that he is a 75lb dog. He doesn’t like anyone to touch his butt due to a surgery that he had when he was 2. He’s crate trained, so he does stay in a crate when no one is home. He can be easy to train, but he can also be very sassy. 

Duncan has colitis and preanal fistulas. He is on multiple medications, metronidazole, azothoprine, predinazone, and tacrolimus. His medication can cost about $150 a month. The tacrolimus comes from Road Runner Pharmacy. 

He loves his routine and doesn’t like when it is broken. He will wake you up when it’s time to feed him or if he has to go to the bathroom. 

His predinazone does make him extra thirsty and hungry. He can also get aggressive when he is on the predinazone. He has to be on an all fish diet, due to his colitis. He cannot have beef, poultry, pork, and lamb. He can have venison. We do add bran to his food to get more fiber into his diet. For treats, we give him carrots or apples. 

Due to the cost of his medication, he is not up to date on his shots. He is about a year behind. He can also be skittish around men, it does take time to warm up to them. 

If you have any questions or would like to set up a meet and greet, please contact Alyson at or 248-953-5822 (call or text). You can also email us and we will forward it. 

Please share this sweet dog and help us find him a home!